Several changes and new functions were introduced into Call of Duty: Warzone with the update of the Last Battle of the 5th season. The game received new weapons, operators, a patch of balancing weapons and a new equipment. The UPPLY BOX UPRP is added to the update, a new rare murder series that players can use to search for prey.

What does Supply Box UPE in Call of Duty Warzone do?

Available in all game modes and on all maps in Warzone Pacific, UPPLY BOX UPC works in the same way as a regular UAV of a series of murders. While an active UAV for a short time marks the closest enemy players, the Supply Box UAV illuminates boxes/chests with prey around the region on your tactical map. It can be found in the form of ground production, inside the chests or buying at the purchase station for $ 3,000.

You can use this series of murders to effectively rob, and not just run from home to home in search of boxes with supplies. In addition, the SUpply Box UAV marks different types of boxes with different colors, so you immediately go to those that you need:

* Blue: Standard supply box containing ordinary prey items and money.


Orange: * The legendary supply box containing high-level items and huge amounts of money.
Red: Box with a revival supplies, which is regularly replenished throughout the match.
Pink: Personal box with your favorite set of equipment or class.

What is a personal box with supplies to Call of Duty Warzone?

When opening a recently presented personal supply box, your user assemblies of weapons appear, which you installed as your favorite in the Warzone equipment menu. Although these boxes are extremely rare, they can change the rules of the game, since they provide you with fully equipped weapons from your choice. Be sure to find one of them when the Supply Box UAV is active. Moreover, these boxes make a special sound when you are next to them.

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