On August 24, the developer Mojiken Studio and Pujiken Studio announced on August 24 that the adventure game A Space for the Unbound Flowers blooming in the heart (A Space for the Unbound) announced on August 24. In addition, we have revealed the cancellation of the contract with the British PQUBE GAMES, a partner for consoles.

GameSpark will be released in the past in 2022, which is set in local cities in Indonesia in the late 90’s, but has been reported in GameSpark in the past, but this time from the official Twitter account, Important news. The postponement of the release was officially announced.

Mojiken Studio and Toge Productions have announced that this postponement is not a simple reason, but due to problems caused by the partner.

In the early 2022, the two companies are working on the console version of A Space for the Unbound for Europe and the United States, such as GAL*GUN, INERTIAL DRIFT, Cat Quest, etc. Contract with PQUBE GAMES. After that, this work succeeded in receiving various subsidies, including The Diversity Fund, which supports small-scale game developers in the corona, but PQUBE GAMES intentionally intentionally provide information on subsidies. It is said that it was discovered in March that the subsidy to be paid to the developer was added as a minimum guarantee amount that could be collected, and used for negotiating the revenue distribution.

I can’t trust PQUBE GAMES and I can’t continue working together for the release of A Space for the Unbound, but at this time PQUBE GAMES still retains the European and American console version of public. The two companies have refused to return.

It seems that the official comment has not been given at the moment from the PQUBE GAMES side, but due to unexpected troubles, the postponement of A Space for the Unbound has been officially postponed. In the GAME*Spark editorial department, in response to this matter, Is there any mistake in the content of the texts issued by these two companies? I’m asking PQube to comment on two points. As soon as there is a response, I will tell you the follow-up report.

I got an answer from PQUBE GAMES. Click here for the answer ↓

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