[Kim Min-kyu Park Ye-jin reporter] Line Games (CEO Kim Min-kyu) announced on the 24th that it participated online at the expectation of ‘Quantum Nights’, the largest game show in Europe.

Quantum Knights is a PC online third-person (TPS) root shooter developed by Space Dive Games (CEO So Hyun-ho). Along with the open world view of the world, it shows a third-person shooter combat mechanism and action.

The trailer’s actual gameplay scene shows that a character armed with full plate armor discovers enemies, and at the same time use a variety of firearms to shoot and connect the enemy by connecting the gorgeous magic skills. Interaction with the features, you can also check the play elements by efficiently killing and making a way.


Meanwhile, Quantum Knights is developing with the goal of launching a PC platform in 2023. It features a third-person shooting action in the medieval fantasy world embodied in the open world. You can collect and grow firearms with unique abilities and appearance in the game, and create a play combination.