We are not going to discover now that in Riot Games they are geniuses in many ways; And one of them is to create musical songs and videos to promote the great events of their star games, such as Lol or Valorant. In this case, it is a turn for the shooter and the anthem that will be the song that serves as a preamble to the 2022 Champions.

For Poquito, the official game account has published the official music video of Champions 2022 . The theme is called Fire Again by Ashnikko and you can delight you with it below.

Not only the theme is catchy, but the quality of the video is also truly spectacular, with several of the characters of Valorant in Action through animated sequences that seem taken from a film or a series of high production values . Come on, he has all the ingredients to spend more hours listening to it than a Quevedo and Bzrp session.

When are the Champions 2022?

The Definitive Valorant championship will start on September 2, and there will be a series of games continuity for 16 days, until the 18th of the same month the grand final is played, according to the established plans.

The event will be face-to-face in the town of Istanbul, and these are the teams that have been classified for the 2022 Champions League and that will fight to get the World Shoter World Scepter of Riot.

  • North America: Optic Gaming (1st), Xset (2nd) and 100 Thieves (LCQ).
  • EMEA: Funplus Phoenix (1st), Fnatic (2nd) and Team Liquid (LCQ).
  • Brazil: Loud (1st) and fury eSports (LCQ).
  • Latam: Leviathan (1st) and Krü Esports (LCQ).
  • Korea: Drx (1st).
  • Japan: Zeta Division (1st).


  • Apac: Paper Rex (1st), Xerxia (2nd) and Boom Esports (LCQ).
  • East Asia: Edward Gaming (LCQ).