The Racing Simulation Game series has been in a somewhat unfortunate situation.

On August 23, Project Cass developer, Slate Tley Mad Team, announced on the official SNS account that Project Cas will be suspended at all online sales offices.

This is due to the expiration of vehicles and track licenses in the Project Cass series. As a result, the two games were hidden in the online market. The first is October 3rd and the second is a little earlier, from September 21. Sales are stopped, but existing buyers can continue to play games. Multiplayer support continues.

Project Cass 1 and 2 were released in 2015 and 2017, respectively. Part 1 was sold in 2016. In the case of the second episode, the total sales volume was unknown, but it received a good evaluation by winning the best simulation category at the 2017 Gamescom Awards.

In the third title of the series, Project Cas 3, there is no license issue yet. However, the third episode was designed as an arcade-type racing game that is contrary to the identity of the series, resulting in negative reactions from both reviewers and users.

Meanwhile, the Slate Mad team plans to continue to concentrate on the same genre. We will continue to focus on the production of racing simulation genres, and we will disclose new projects related to new projects at the right time, as mentioned in the past.

Slate Tley Mad Team was acquired in 2019 by Code Masters, another racing game developer. Code Masters was also acquired by EA in February 2021.