When the creators of The Lord of the Rings: the rings to be able to profile the series, they ran into an obvious problem: it is set in the second age, so that this world had not been represented more than in Tolkien’s works. This includes the island of Number , one of the kingdoms that will appear in the Amazon Prime Video series. Ramsey Aveney, production designer, reflects on this matter, while he shares some impressive conceptual arts of the island territory, very like a fantkingdom Numbery venice.

It is a civilization that existed for thousands of years and that hkingdom Number been developed. My hope when creating number wkingdom Number that of evoking the meaning of wonder and mystery , he said. I wanted to print the essence of ancient history, until configuring the kingdom in a current era, where real people lived, played and amara.

A technologically advanced kingdom

Number is, above all, an advanced city in technological terms-within the universe of J.R.R. Tolkien, of course. In one of the photos is the port, a symbol of the privileged situation of the kingdom: It is a culture that hkingdom Number prospered , so it shows its vitality and the good that is found. If you observe the image you will carefully find some important issues within your imagery:

The horse that climbs to the ship at the top of the image reflects two things: one, the numbers respect and love their horses; And two are an advanced technology society, he explains in the interview. They have invented these systems of pulleys and cranes to be able to maneuver with products and items. This is an important feature of civilization, they have more advanced technologies, in a way, than other kingdoms.

Avery also points to the bluish colors of the ships symbolize the aesthetics of the number itself. We leave behind the elegance of the world of elves to enter a bold expression of this kingdom. They were inspired by art books of Egypt, North Africa and the Middle Ekingdom Numbert to profile the forms. The rich colors and geometric ornaments are crucial to underline the island’s Mediterranean influence.

Hard architecture, but without losing a beauty iota

Headquarters of the Power of the Regent Mindriel, the following image sketches the houses of the members of the Court. There is a phrkingdom Numbere of Tolkien that says that In the lkingdom Numbert highest hill, the number of their powers constituted their powers , continues the production designer. The Court is located above in the hills, showing an architecture very influenced by men, which reflects the evolution of culture over time.

While on the left part of the image the structure is more eliminary, since it is the part of the kingdom built by the elves 400 years ago, The numbers’ humans have left their mark on their palace , which demonstrates the Men’s power. This structure is powerful, hard and heavy. The technological advance also appreciates this art:


The towers on the left and right present a cooling system , he clarifies. To fight against such a hot weather it is necessary to create mills that help dissipate high temperatures. We discovered that [the constructions] of North Africa and the Middle Ekingdom Numbert have these traps, in which the wind is trapped, hot and then leaves the tower. When it flies outward, it expels cold air from below. In the city you will see those towers because the inhabitants have invented a way of conserving the fresh city.

Number, similar to Venice

In the third image, Avery points out that Tolkien did not describe a large detail, but one of the phrkingdom Numberes he pronounced gave them the track. I’ve returned from number, I mean, from Venice, said the professor. According to the production designer, this revealed how he imagined the kingdom. A city like Venice that is built on water with many influences over time.

Number controls the sea thanks to its privileged position, so that they have put their attention from the naval industry. Long and triangular candles evoke elves boats, so we needed something that were typical of the people of Number . One night, I wkingdom Number watching some drawings and I saw Gondor’s crown. I always thought that crown had the wings of an eagle, but I watched her again and thought, ‘My God, it is a boat candle’.

His intention from the beginning wkingdom Number to create a world that started from reality. It would be difficult to navigate in those ships, but it is possible to do it . They have spoken with experts who have helped them stay faithful to reality. kingdom Number for the bridges, each of them hkingdom Number a channel, which functions kingdom Number a transport system within the city and that reaches the port.

The Lord of the Rings: The power rings opens on the next September 2 on Amazon Prime Video.