Deep Silver Volition returns and brings Saints Row chaos to the south-west of America. The developer of the popular series on August 10, 2022 released a trailer for the gameplay, demonstrating new functions of the gameplay for the long-awaited continuation, which will be released on August 23, 2022. Let’s delve into what to expect.

Where is the action of Saints Row?

Santo Ilizo serves as a house for saints. From the sparkling booties of the leises to the dusty streets of Merkado and throughout the huge desert you and your team will roam.

What are the fractions in Saints Row?

Saints Row and its cities are historically filled with rival gangs that control the territory and simply beg to be taken away. This time you have to fight with at least three fractions:

Los Pantheros *
* Smuggles are based in the Merkado area.
* EDM enthusiasts with a tendency to anarchy.

* Is controlled by Aricas and the former boss employer.

Who are your partners in Saints Row?

This is not Saints Row if you do not have a reliable team. Although Johnny Gat is nowhere, perhaps one of these characters will be able to take his place.

  • Eli
    • Strategic business partner.
  • Nina
    • Wheeled.
  • Kev
    • Your best friend who hates shirts.
  • Luali

* A hired killer and a mustache lover.

What cars are there in Saints Row?

Saints Row simply would not be the same without a ton of vehicles. Cars, motorcycles, boats, planes, vertical ups and landings, hoverboards and hoverbikes, pictures and wings-they are all here and are ready to deliver you to any of your next criminal enterprise.

abundance of settings

From the character of your dreams to vehicles, weapons and the crib in which they live, all this depends on you to adapt it for themselves. And you can start right now from the boss factory.

To find out more about Saints Row, visit the Saints Row boss factory-what is it? How to download and configure your character in Pro Game Guides.