The new trailer teaser of Nexon Games’ new root shooter ‘First Desendant’ was released today (8th).

The new teaser unveiled this time is a 40-second, and you can get a glimpse of the worldview and spectacular shooting action. The teaser, which began with the snow mountain, is soon shifted into a structure. In the center of the frozen structure, there is a huge brain, and there are successors around them. The video then goes to the successor. From the first public trailer, a character with a gauntlet with a presence, as well as a character with special courage to a female character who is supposed to be a sorcerer. Each of them has a variety of appearance and features.

At the time of leaving 10 seconds in the second half, you can check some of the shooting action of ‘First Desendant’. In addition to using guns and skills with guns and skills, there are scenes that use the grappling hook to cross the terrain, the battle with the enemy, and the powerful skills.

‘First Desendant’ was first unveiled through ‘2021 Nexon Media Showcase’. At the time, Park Yong-hyun, CEO of Net Games (currently Nexon Games), said, We will melt the accumulated experience in Nexon’s RPG in the third person. We plan to create sustainable online RPGs through.

Although it is not contained in this teaser, there are huge bosses in the game that stimulates the desire to challenge. Giant bosses can be attacked with four-person coop play, and it is expected to require high team play because it is necessary to target gimmicks such as destroying parts or extracting parts of the body.

Meanwhile, Nexon Games announced the change of the Steam beta service schedule on the 5th. The beta service schedule of ‘First Desendant’, which was originally scheduled to start on September 28, was pushed down to October 20, which was pushed for about a month. Currently, ‘First Desendant’ is in advance through the Steam page.

Lastly, Nexon Games added that it will release the teaser video and will release the full version of the official trailer later.