Minging is a ghost suffering from phasmophobia, with two specific behaviors. The parabolic microphone can display the strange sounds of the Mayling to the player holding him. They say that mining behaves quieter during the hunt, but this fact is misleading players who do not know how this mechanics works. Here’s how to identify mining in phasmophobia.

All evidence of Mayling in phasmophobia

Minging A unique set of evidence includes EMF 5 , fingerprints and ghostly letter . The ghost can also produce more noise in Parabox microphone than other types of ghosts. The steps of mining can also be heard only at a certain distance, which makes the shelter from the ghost very effective in determining what it is.

The strengths and weaknesses of Myling and what they mean for phasmophobia

mining x strengths and also weak sides are written in the magazine as:


Strength *-It is known that mining behaves quieter during the hunt.
weakness *-Malings more often make paranormal sounds.

The power of mining belongs to the fact that the steps of the ghost disappear faster than other ghosts. About 9 meters , the steps of the mining will begin to subside and in the end will become inaudible further. They disappear faster than any other ghost, which makes him useless when trying to identify Mayling.

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The weakness of the Mayling refers to its higher frequency in the reproduction of sounds when listening through parabolic microphone . Each ghost can make these sounds, but mining makes them more often than other ghosts. Banshee has a chance to make a very unique sound in a parabolic microphone, which distinguishes it from other ghosts, and it cannot be confused with the mining when he is heard.

Tips for identifying mining in phasmophobia

Minging does not behave strange until the players try to listen to it through parabolic microphone or listen to its steps while he hunting . All ghosts can produce paranormal sounds through a parabolic microphone, but Myling will do this more often. As for the sound of Malling’s steps, the players will have to wait for his hunt. During the hunt, players can hide near the ghost room and try to eavesdrop on when the steps of the ghost will become inaudible. If the steps of the ghost are still heard after 9 meters this is not mailing.

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