In Tower of Fantasy, players are exploring the fantasy science fiction world of Aida. You control a set of characters and simulacra, participating in exciting, rapid battles. One Simulacra, which you can unlock, is Cocoritter. This may make you think about the abilities, weapons and much more Cocoritter in Tower of Fantasy.

Who is the Cocoritter in Tower of Fantasy?


Cocoritter is a simulacrum that may trust others too much. Sometimes her innocence can lead her to trouble, but she compensates for her determination to use her healing forces to save everyone who is next to her. A remarkable aspect of her appearance is two eyes of different colors.

How to get a cocoritter in Tower of Fantasy

Cocoritter will most likely be unlocked through the in-game scrap. Hotta Studio has not yet disclosed information about how the GACHA system will work, so we do not have information for this issue. We will update this leadership as soon as the relevant information appears, so be sure to return to find the answer to your question.

Tower of Fantasy Cocoritter gameplay-weapons, abilities and skills

At the moment, we still do not know the exact skills and abilities of Cocoritter, but Hotta Studio briefly teased her set. Gameplay clip through the official fantasy tower page on Twitter. Cocoritter, apparently, uses the mixture recovery , ice and also lightning attack. These include abilities with one goal and Ao-Aatika. In addition, her attacks also give her a good range of mobility.

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