Marvel Spider-Man Remaster, which is scheduled to be released on August 13, began pre-sale, ranking second in the world’s top selling products in the world.

On July 20, Insomniac Games began pre-sale by unveiling Marvel Spider-Man PC specifications and additional features. Despite the time remaining until the release, it started the reservation and was second after Stray in the world’s best sales products in the world.

Marvel Spider-Man is an open world game that Insomniac Games launched as a PS4 exclusive in 2018. Unlike the Spider-Man seen in the existing works, he set it as an experience hero and released an original story that was reinterpreted. In addition, he scored 87 points of metacritan, which was well-received for taking advantage of the action, such as the battles of spider webs and the movement to feel the speed of speed.


In the PC version, the features include optimization, rate racing effects, Ultra-wide resolution support of up to 48: 9, and dual sense controller support. The PC specification requires a variety of options, from the I3-4160 and the GTX 950 graphics card to the i7-12700K CPU and the RTX 3080 graphics card.

The Marvel Spider-Man Remaster PC version will be released on August 13th and the price is 58,800 won.

Meanwhile, in the global sales rankings, Stray was ranked first on the fourth day, while No-Men’s Sky was ranked fifth with a new update and a discount effect. Subsequently, the Balders Gate Series Spin-off Balders Gate: The Dark Alliance 2 was ranked 6th with Steam.

In the top 20 steam day, Stray went out of the rankings due to a decrease in the number of concurrent users, unlike sales volume. Warframe and Dead By Daylight also ranked 17th and 19th due to a decrease.