The second semifinal of the Master Flow League has a confrontation between the New Pampas team against Boca Juniors Gaming to determine what will be the second team that will reach the grand final, the fox team was dominant during the first days of the league while that Boquita remained in the middle part fighting equally to the rivals of the competition.

The first map would begin with a very tied duel from the first minutes but Hika would be the one who would show his power with Kalist to be able to conquer the line phase leaving the poorly stopped rivals, playing better the fights per team the situation little Soon it became in favor of the mouthpiece that would close things in the first map in his favor after minute 42.

The second contest began differently with a team of Boca Juniors that was more aggressive from the beginning to be able to tame the rivals from the beginning, new account Hika Being able to have a good positioning of new has Kalista to wear the life of the rivals getting closing the stage more quickly and putting the 2-0.

A third map that was a little more even at the beginning thanks to the control of the upper lane that proposed pampas but and would end up unbalanced thanks again to Hika who became a Kalista master with his deployment of skill that It shows its great management of the new account champion to be able to make the rivals fall several times leaving the series in favor of Boquita.

It concludes with a forceful 3-0 in favor of the Boca Juniors Gaming team. the region which will represent them in Promo/relegation to seek ascent to maximum competition lla.