Matt Piscatera, a video game industry analyst, a US market research company NPD Group, published the results of the US market research in June 2022 and mentioned the strong sales of ELDEN RING . 。

According to a series of tweets posted on Matt Piscatera’s Twitter account (@matpiscatella), game-related spending in the US market in June of 2022 fell 11 % from last year and $ 4.3 billion (about 596 billion yen). It was said that it was. Among them, Elden Ring was the best-selling title in the United States in June 2022 due to measurement based on sales. This is the leader in May 2022, and it is said that it has maintained the most sold title over 2022 at this stage.

He also stated that Elden Ring was included in the top 10 titles in the United States, but deleted tweets after many overseas media reported. Nintendo Platform’s digital sales and various other profits are excluded, and it is incorrect because it does not refer to the precise information about past platforms and titles. I did. In addition, if you refer to all the past data at the moment, it will not be in the top 10 **.

In addition to ELDEN RING in June 2022, Overwatch , LEGO® Star, which is MariStroy Cars Battle League and new works. Wars / Sky Walker Saga is ranked higher. The detailed rankings are as follows.