On June 30, IRDETO, which provides copy guard Denuvo Anti-Tamper (hereafter, Denuvo), announced on June 30, a technology that protects the DLC of the game, Denuvo Securedlc (hereinafter referred to as SecUREDLC). Securedlc is the first DLC-specific pirated-defaulting technology in the game industry.

Game software uses hacking technology called DRM (digital copyright management). This is to prevent the player from copying the contents of the software and freely share among individuals. Among them, Denuvo has been considered a powerful pirated countermeasure for a while. On the other hand, the software that adopted it is often broken protection and is illegally shared. Since it is virtually impossible to create a copy guard that is never broken, Denuvo has indicated the goal of protecting the sales of the title immediately after the release from cracks for a certain period of time (related article). Denuvo has been provided as a means of protecting sales for a while since its release, even if it is broken. And the Securedlc announced this time can be said to be the DLC version of this Denuvo.


Recently, not only the software itself, but also cracking aimed at DLC is rampant. In some cases, pirated software and DLC are used as packages. A work edition that includes DLC, so-called full version of the later is created by crackers. SECUREDLC coordinates with platforms such as Steam and Epic Games Store to prevent these pirated DLCs. The attempt is to re-verify each platform API with the Securedlc API and prevent the DLC inappropriate. It would be a way that the user’s DLC was purchased properly, or Securedlc would be in between. It also supports the title that has already adopted Denuvo and the free title that distributes paid DLC. For developers, relatively small code changes can be used for Securedlc.

It has been pointed out that new technologies are reliable for game companies, but Denuvo will affect the performance of the game depending on the conditions. For this reason, Denuvo’s work has released Denuvo for a while since the release, and in some cases, the introduction of Denuvo before the release (related articles). Some users have reluctant Denuvo from this background, and Steam has a list of Whether this game is using Denuvo.

Denuvo’s performance decline is a concern for developers and players playing with regular means. On the other hand, Denuvo and Securedlc are measures to attack crackers and are valuable means for companies that provide games as business. Will the DLC be protected by the introduction of Securedlc, and will it affect performance? Future introduction examples will give an answer.