The other day, the promising open world MMO The Day Before , which announced the postponement of its release in March 2023 due to the transition to UNREAL ENGINE5, to make the game better. FNTASTIC’s official website revealed that FNTASTIC was recruiting people engaged in the work of this work as a volunteer staff.

Volunteers recruited on the official website of FNTASTIC are divided into two types, full-time and part-time, and full-time volunteers are paid. It is said that part-time volunteers can get cool rewards, participation certificates, and free code by engaging in various activities, from translation to community moderators. It seems that some fans are confused by the name volunteer, ambiguous whether this is unpaid or paid. Some fans question this in the actual situation, Why do you need a volunteer staff?

Regarding this matter, we interviewed FNTASTIC about the recruitment of volunteers based on the postponement of Eurogamer. Our values are based on the idea of volunteers, and all those who work here are all done, actively act, have enthusiasm, and all means. It means supporting, he said. He said that a full-time volunteer was a company employee and said, We are shared these values in-house because we are always trying to welcome people who are open heart and active people. However, after all, it seems that it did not mention how the development of The Day Before was progressing.


The Day Before will be released on March 1, 2023 for PC (Steam).