The playoffs begin in the northern league of the VCT Latam, with great clashes with a single quota that is defined today between the two best teams in the table for knowing which will travel to the Argentine lands, the main phase becomes a great disposition to see the best moves and strategies of the squads but only the best can get on the plane and fight with the best teams in the south.


The first series placed Six Karma against Team Cruelty on a Map of Bind where Baez would show a chamber with an excellent level, using the head hunter and the tour of the best way for the best way for Achieving 9-3, in the second half the reaction of the green wave would be noted but it would not be enough because the power of cruelty that would take the map in its favor with a tremendous 13-7.

Moving to the second map that would be Breeze The cruel team would keep the pace making clear the power they had been driving from the regular phase, taking an aggressive attack in the hands of Jow with their wax they would get an 8-4, changing the roles, Beast would react with its style of play that is already known in the north to put a lot of casualties in its bag getting for the green wave to put the 13-9 that tie the series.

In the decisive map have things were couples from the beginning but the power of Baez would be present to demonstrate his style with Jett, getting early the power of the cruelty team managed to put an 8-4 in the first Part, to the change of sides the cruelty attack would be present to mark several rounds to the thread that would end up leaving Six Karma out of the competition.


We travel to Argentina

In the second series of the day, the Winner Bracket would define the first team that will travel to Argentina, in a duel among the best in the merged region against E-Xolos Lazer starting on a map of Ascent where Wyz He would show the power of his OMEN from the gun round making clear lows that would end up giving the definitive points to get an 8-4, for the change of sides we see that Xander would be present with his operator to punish the rivals in different occasions being overwhelming to close the map quickly with a 13-6.

For the following map we see a fracture selected by the merity 7-5, in the second part of the meeting Torrify ** was present with his chamber after the technical problems he had in the first game was recharged to get the advantage to his team thus closing his pass for the next stage with a 13-8.

With a fusion team that gets its plane ticket to the Argentine lands, the action showed a cruelty team raised with the goal of reaching the final of Loser Backet and overcoming the Xolos, all the continuous action Today to know who will be the second team that classifies the next phase of the tournament.