Since players strive to complete the triumphs necessary for the new title of iron lord in fate 2 stumbled upon another checkpoint. Earlier today, the service was affected due to the problem that turned off most Destiny 2. This led to the fact that many were disconnected from the game, and also lost access to many sites using the API provided by Bungie.

According to the official Bungie Help account on Twitter, this specific problem was resolved. However, many guards still cannot enter the system. Unfortunately, at present, players cannot do anything except to be patient . The Bungie team is working hard to restore the service, and it will be launched as soon as possible.

The past week was stormy for Bungie and Destiny 2. Iron Banner was released with the new regime, Rift, and it was not perceived positively. Add many errors that affect progress in mode, and a specific triumph that requires ignoring the team game, and everything can definitely be better.

It is never easy when a game with a living service fails. This is especially true when the game has a planned event that quickly comes to an end. Despite this, it should be remembered that the Bungie team is people, and they should be treated with kindness and respect. In connection with this forced break, we all must go outside and touch the grass.

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