In our guide to the opulent keys in Destiny 2 you can find out:

  • How you get opulent keys
  • Where you can find the right chests on the Leviathan
  • What you receive as a reward

The notorious Leviathan returns to Destiny 2 with the season of the usual season-but not in the form of the raid, but as a freely explored open world. The opulent keys represent a core mechanics of the new area. In this guide, we tell you everything important about the consumption objects.

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how do I get opulent keys and where can I farm them?

You can get the opulent key from several sources on the Leviathan:

  • Targetary chests
  • Mini event chests
  • Reward for the intersection event

The best way to farm opulent keys is the target location in one area and to take part in the small mini events that take place again and again.

To do this, equip a treasureman mod in your mind, which shows you chests in the surrounding area and pays attention to the text advertisements on the left edge of the screen, which announce the mini-events.

In the pleasure gardens , for example, a mini event takes place directly under the large Calus statue (let yourself fall into the hole). The other mini event in the pleasure gardens can be found in a cave opposite the large statue. You can see the entrance to the cave on the rock wall on the white light beam, which shines from the cave into the room.

Attention : You can only have an opulent key in the inventory at the same time. As soon as you have a key, use it immediately, otherwise you cannot receive any other keys.

Where can I find the right chests for the keys?

Each key fits a very specific opulent chest on the Leviathan. Take a look at the key in the inventory to get a reference to the location of the chest.

There are a total of six different chests **-three in the pleasure gardens and three in the royal baths. The golden chests are quite easy to find, the best way to run the areas on the edge, so you shouldn’t miss any chest.

Reddit user Larryjean even made a map with all locations . The purple area are the royal baths, the green area the pleasure gardens. The yellow dots on the map represent the chests.


Derelict Levi Map 5.0

What can I get out of the chests?

From the chests you can get one of four of the name opulent weapons -Falkner, urge (baroque), Calus mini tool or loved. In contrast, the merger rifle “gourmet” and the “fixed opportunities” machine gun only get from the new dungeon “Duality”.

There is also a chance that one of the weapons with deep views (red frame) and thus a blueprint to crafting the weapon-you need five blueprints per weapon. So it is worth farming opulent keys.

TIP : Get the crown of suffering in H.E.L.M. The upgrade “opulent deep view”. This gives you a deep view weapon from your first opulent chest every week.

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