The Two That Remain consists of two bosses: a minotaur warrior with a large combat ax and a knight in a gold armor armed with a two-handed sword. The next leadership will tell you how to find and win The Two that Remain in Salt and Sacrifice.

salt and sacrifice to the two remaining locations

Salt And Sacrifice The Two That Remain Boss Fight

You must get to the peak of a terrible stone to meet this duo of the bosses. Go to the temple on the eastern side of the path of white cliffs at the peak of a terrible stone, and there you will fight with the two remaining; Living will and tenur Valnate blade.

How to defeat the two remaining in Salt and Sacrifice

The minotaur is called Uros, and the knight is Tenur. Bosses have their own attacks, which means that you need to get acquainted with both their sets of movements for the battle.

Oss, Living Volya

The initial attack of the lesson is the “blow with an ax”, in which he lifts his combat ax high into the air, and then strikes right in front of him. He wears his combat ax behind himself during his second blow, Skyward Cleave. After a short pause, he strikes up in front of him, throwing opponents into the air if this technique falls into the target. Before the blow, be sure to use the window of the opportunity to slip after it.

Uros uses his combat ax diagonally through the waist and strikes the top with an ax during a blow with an ax. This attack can be discarded. Uros jumps on his enemy, crushing him with his battle ax when he falls in his jump. Roll under the Minotaur or calculate the I-Frame attack time to avoid a blow.

In his attack, the “gap” Uros jumps and breaks the earth with the handle of his ax. He can also use this technique in his interests. Just stay away from its landing zone.

During the attack of the attacking bull, Uros uses his combat ax, whose tip is directed diagonally to the ground. After a while, he rushes along the screen, crushing the player when hit. To avoid, a very accurate deviation time is required.

Tenur, valiant blade

Tenur strikes a wide blow in front of her with his first blow, holding the sword with one hand. This is a simple attack that can be easily rolling up. Tenur inflicts a quick blow on top after a small delay during the Helmspitter attack, holding the blade high with both hands. Become behind her and roll.

Tenur, like Uros, brings his blade behind his back, and then powerfully chopping up after a short pause in his Skyward Cleave movement. When you see how she holds the blade in this way, avoid it. Otherwise, keep at a distance from each other.

Tenur bounces back to the average distance, and then after a small period during the retreating attack, it strikes the blade forward. If you do not follow her during the jump, the attack will not hurt you. Otherwise, just swim with the flow.

Tenur jumps a considerable distance to change his position in the ring. When she lands, she inflicts damage and discards players, but almost does not use her reception in the attack. Stay away from its landing zone.

The most difficult part of this battle is that they will attack and fulfill their movements at the same time, trying to keep you in a trap between them. On the other hand, these two warriors have one health lane, so there is no need to choose between them.

Both bosses have blows in the jump and retreat movement that they will use to change their position in the arena. The most dangerous position between them is when they are close to each other. Roll up for one of them to constantly change their position.

None of the warriors are faster than the other, and they both telegraph their movements, almost all of which have a slight delay before activation. To evade correctly and apply response, study their telegraphs and methods of attack. Do not be distracted from blows. Due to the nature of the meeting, you will not have a good opportunity for more.

Follow the attack of the Runny Explosion lesson, when its health strip falls below 50%, since it has a big hitball and it brings strong blows. Go away as far as possible as soon as you see the appearance of runes. If necessary, evade it, but retain vigilance, since Tenur can quickly exert pressure with its powerful attack of a flaming fist.

The boss, which you hit the last, will be defeated after his health ends, but you need to deliver the last blow to the remaining to finish the battle.

Salt and sacrifice the two remaining drops/awards

You will receive a spell bowl, decorated with precious stones of a broocker, 24,300 salt and 1380 silver points for victory over the two remaining.