On Friday, April 29, the Logstare Esports Featuring Fortnite, an IT engineer -only e -sports tournament, sponsored by Logstare, a software maker, Logstare, which develops managed security platforms.

We will send you a report of the tournament that has already been the third title since last year’s start.

Team “Guts” achieves a double bicroy!

This tournament is held to revitalize the IT security industry and exchange IT engineers. In the opening greeting at the beginning of the distribution, the Secure Vail Group’s representative, the United States, now, in the current circumstances of the diversification of IT security, “I want to provide a place where everyone can enjoy it as a friend of the same IT industry.” He described his thoughts in the tournament.

This time, using the duo mode of “Fort Knight”, a total of 20 teams participated in the team that could participate if there was one IT person in the team. The tournament will be played three games, and the top three teams will be given an Amazon gift certificate as a prize in each game. Also, if you defeat the Logstare team participating in Match3 separately from the ranking award, you can also get a bonus as the “Logstare Award”.

In the distribution, the live commentary was the e -sports caster horse, and SHIRAS, who belonged to Zeta Division, a former competition player. In addition, Hatsune, who is a model and actress who is a model and actress and distributed as a gamer and participating in the tournament, participated as a gamer, and watched the tournament.

In the tournament, the participants showed high skills from the first match MATCH1, and they will be developed in the middle of the middle and later while steadily strengthening their equipment, such as gathering micthets that drop from the boss. Some of the teams were dared to act alone and collect supplies in a wide range of areas.

In such a situation, the presence was “ Olang “. If you acquire a kill in the middle and enhance the supplies, you will survive the unique architectural battle of “ Fort Night “, which will be unfolded in the final stage, to the last 1VS1. “ Ryuhini ” who confronted it was also a long match that searched for recovery items from among athletic and repeatedly recovered, but at the end, there is a slight difference. (1st place). In MATCH1, the team “Guts” won the first place, and the “Ryujizies”, which was unfortunately lost in the second place, and “MDEN”, who had successfully turned around from the tactic hiding under the cliff in third place, won the prize.

When the guest Hatsune commented, “The architecture was impressive and I saw it enthusiastically!” Despite the easy -to -use, I’ve been watching this long battle so far, “and wrote the tongue in a serious game unique to the tournament.

In the second race, which was held, the team that gathered supplies in response to the first match was prominent. As Shiras introduced the highlights of the duo mode as “the division of roles is important,” there were some moves that collect items in the ace player and set the battle.

And the final edition is the final battle between the team “ Daru ” of the team “Guts” and 1vs1 of “ Ryuhin “. After the recovery of Ryuhini, which had been exhausted by the battle, the “Darai” player won, and the team “Guts” won the Vicroy following the first match. The second place was “Ryujizys”, and the third place was “Grandpa’s”.

The annual Logstare team will also participate this time! How is the effect of the strategy conference?

It was a tournament that showed excitement for the final round, but before the game, the Logstare team who participated in Match3 as a prize is interviewed with “ Kanpon ” and “ SA Yamamon “. Was d1. Both of them usually work in the Secure Vail Group, and this time, “Kanipon” is a senior who is working together on a regular basis, and “SA Yamamon -san” tags with new employees and a complete internal team. It is said that he will participate. After two races so far, we anticipated that the participants were skilled in the skills, saying, “The level is high and the battle is scary.”

Here, Mr. Shiraishi, Managing Director of Secure Veil, appears in the studio. Mr. Shiraishi, who knows Kanekon’s new employee’s era, reveals a secret episode that “I used to be a diagonation before”, and a peaceful internal communication that Kanepon returned, “I don’t know a little.” rice field.

The Secure Vail Group has a system that backs up communication in Corona, and according to Mr. Shiraishi, the members of this participation have been holding a dinner, and comments on the outcome of the strategy conference. 。 Finally, depending on the activity, the words of encouragement were sent, saying, “The possibility of a special bonus from the president is **”, making it a mini corner where you can see the good atmosphere in the company.

Next, the correct answer of the gift project “Kisu x Fortnite Quiz!” In conjunction with Twitter was also held, and Hatsune, a guest, challenged the 4 choices. As the title suggests, information systems and quizzes about Fortnite were questioned one by one.

Hatsune is confused because he answered the Fort Night Quiz without hints, but the information system quiz is not specialized. Horino of Logstare CTO who appeared in the studio sent a big hint to narrow down to two choices, but unfortunately the quiz was incorrect.

The correct answer is the second option that Hatsune excluded, “If this is too scary,” Horino said, “I can do whatever I want to do.” Please call for improvement in security awareness.

The last is the beauty of “Ryujizys” in the bat

And the MATCH3 that welcomed the prize -winning Logstare team early and dropped out, and “Guts”, which had been winning so far, was defeated in the middle stage and dropped down, and each team actively moved only in the final round. For development. “It’s the third game in the third game!”

And the leading role in this match was “Ryujizys”, which was so second in the second place. The horse is aggressively launched from the beginning that the horse says, “It’s a bulldozer on the battlefield!” In the last battle, both of them survived well, and at the end of , I decided to defeat the stunning vicro – with a real melee weapon “Bat”.

After finishing three races, if you think that “Guts” will have won two consecutive victories from the first match, “Ryuji Jies” is the top three in the top three consecutive three consecutive teams. The guest, Hatsune, recalls, “It was fresh in a different battle from the professional competition scene,” said SHIRAS, “It was interesting because the competition was not seen in the gutsli architecture.” Praise for the battle. The horse was also a tournament that recognizes the fun of “Fort Knight”, saying, “This time, both the normal mode with architecture and the zero build mode without architecture.”

At the end of the distribution, it has been revealed that the next tournament of “Logstare Esports Series”, which is the fourth time, is “ scheduled to be announced around July “, so please pay attention to the next tournament.

Logstare, about the Secure Vail Group

Logstare is a software maker that provides next -generation managed security platforms that realize system monitoring, log management, and AI forecasts with one package. Logstare provides a management security platform for “ Secure Veil “, which provides users 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and “ Career Veil “, which provides system monitoring and operation services. By feedback on the operation know -how of both secure Vail and Career Veil to Logstare, the Logstare platform has evolved into a better one.

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The Secure Vail Group is one of the few Japanese companies that develop business for IT security. It consists of “Secure Veil”, which provides security operation services (SOC) that does not rely on overseas products, “Career Veil”, which provides services that solve security human resources, and “Logstaree”, which develops purely domestic security operation platforms. I have been working on IT security businesses for about 20 years since the establishment of secure Vail in 2001.

If you have Logstare, you will be able to cover the operation of corporate IT systems. As in the past, there is no complications, such as operating monitoring systems to each with cloud and on -plums, and preparing a dedicated tool for each log collection, alerts, and report creation, and the functions required for security are all -in -1. It is characterized by being.

Logstare is the only SOC (security organization) in the world, and has a wide variety of templates, so it has realized the same operation as a security professional without specialized knowledge. In addition, because it is possible from introduction to operation by agentless, the burden on IT engineers is small, and it is a sense of security that you can receive support in Japanese and Japanese time.

The Logstare M365, which was newly released in March 2022, is a cloud service specializing in log collection and analysis of the frequently used business software “Microsoft 365”. You can easily visualize and analyze the operating log of cloud applications such as SharePoint and Teams and the usage status of OneDrive, which tends to be a security hole.

Logstare is currently distributing a free trial version. If you are interested, why not check it out?

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