Weekend Limited Easy Planning GAMESpark Ogiri, the screening results of the 63rd. The theme this time was “ I don’t like this game package *”, but thank you for many answers. As a result of the evaluation of everyone’s evaluation and the person in charge of the person in charge, and the person in charge, the answer received from everyone was selected as the best answer.

__ Friend of Spa

ROM cartridge is bitter, so it’s sweet to balance

It’s just right to put it in your mouth together

__ Friend of Spa

The package is more interesting

How much shit is

__ Friend of Spa

It will be sent even though I bought the DL version

Meaning of download version

__ Friend of Spa

If you put it in water, it will be about 5 times

I don’t know the official name I played in the past

__ Friend of Spa

Made of tension made of pre -parart

Absolutely broken

__ Friend of Spa

Wrapped in oblate

Bontan Ame

__ Friend of Spa

The feel is sticky

So are you wrapped in oblate!

__ Yu

The music box flows when it is open

Jewelry box

__ Friend of Spa

If you think it is the back side, it is the back if you think it is the surface on the surface
With Mobius bandage
The limited edition is twisted more than the regular version

How do you display it?

__ Friend of Spa

Silky - Mad At Me [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] prod by Teedee

Once opened, it will never close again neatly

No matter how you do it…

__ Paxcarana

Please clear as soon as possible after opening

Games are freshness

__ Friend of Spa

Finally hope remains

Pandora box!

__ Friend of Spa

It says “It opens from anywhere on this side” but it doesn’t open at all

I tend to have ramen soup or natto sauce

__ Friend of Spa

The eyes meet with the person drawn from any angle
Sometimes it looks like you’re laughing or angry
I feel like my hair is growing

So scary

__ Friend of Spa

The catch phrase is “Fight without permission!”

“Alien vs avatar” or not

__ Friend of Spa

When you open it, it sounds great

Every time I feel anxious

__ Friend of Spa

The hair and nails are filled with a lot.
Moreover, the hair protrudes from the package.


__ Friend of Spa

When the package is picked up, a disturbing music starts to sound out of nowhere
Stop when you release your hand

If you try to open it, the volume will rise and you will further instigate anxiety

Familiar can! Camp! Camp! Camp! Camp! kana?

__ Friend of Spa

“Games can harm your health.”
Such words account for more than half of the package
Writing in the area

Is there a cigarette or not?

__ Friend of Spa

Ingway jacket

Dasa package

__ Friend of Spa

The one with a hard middle when taking out the disk.

I’m scared because it seems to break

__ Friend of Spa

Monde Selection Silver Award

Gold award!

__ Friend of Spa

As the days go, the monster in the horror game package
It seems like it’s getting closer to this…

The back is steadily away on the back

__ Friend of Spa

You can’t open it unless you cut the scallops well

Professionals open with Pakka Pakka

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