Diablo 3 is the third part of the Diablo series. After years of rumors, the game was officially announced on June 28, 2008 at the Blizzard Worldwide Invitational in Paris. The publication only followed four years later on May 15, 2012, among other things because legal disputes about the real money auction house (keyword gambling) at the time, which was still active at the time. The console versions appeared the following year. The PC version is only playable online and does not support mods. On March 25, 2014, the game received its first and only expansion, Reaper of Souls. A second expansion was in the works, but was not published due to insufficient quality. Instead, there were fragments from it, such as Canais cubes, free of charge in the following patches.

Although players sometimes complain that Diablo 3 (now buy € 31.08) does not change much from season to season, the game has developed significantly in these 10 years. In Diablo 3, numerous objects, improved mechanics, the introduction of pets and interesting events over time, including the Finternis in Tristram, were added, where you can visit the Tristram cathedral from the first Diablo.

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Blizzard Irvine took over the development of Diablo 3 in 2006 and started it effectively. The reason for the delay was that there was many discussions within Blizzard about what kind of game Diablo 3 should be. In fact, several versions were rejected and rumors associated these difficulties with the dissolution of Blizzard North in 2005. After the first game director Jay Wilson started working on Diablo 3, the developers spent the game brainstorming over a month. During this time, they also studied and played other games of the genre, especially the previous Diablo games.

According to a former leading employee of Blizzard, who worked most of the 11-year development cycle at the game, the legacy of Diablo 2 overshadowed every aspect of game production. The employee claimed that the team had different ideas about what the franchise actually stood for, and so several versions of the game were created, all of which ended “in a dead end”.
Diablo 3: Magic vs. Skelettkönig Source: Blizzard As soon as the direction for the game was determined, the art style was discussed. Originally, as the predecessors, the game was supposed to be dark and dark, but it turned out that the monsters fit too well into the environment. The original art style of the game received “good but not great” feedback internally. A second art style was chosen and received a much more positive response within Blizzard. This art style resembled the game that had the game in its publication.

The art style of the game was not enthusiastically recorded by the public after its presentation, and the players created a petition to force Blizzard Entertainment to change the artistic orientation for the game. Blizzard undertook the game three artistic revisions and found that a purely dark style was too monotonous. As the designers noted, the “sunny” art style should represent the early parts of the game. This should create a contrast between the early and late stage of the game, since the story becomes ever darker in the course of the game.


The closed beta started on September 20, 2011 and the Open Beta on April 20, 2012. A number of patches were written in the course of the development. The beta was only a short demo of the game to avoid story spoilers-a big mistake, as it later turned out, since, for example, the death of Diablo icon Deckard Cain and the weak, real money auction-centered itemization at the Communry did not arrive well. The fourth level of “Inferno”, originally present, was also completely exaggerated and there was no solid endgame progression like the Paragon system, which was later added to suggestions from the community.


Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Source: Blizzard 2008 it was announced that Diablo 3 would receive a number of expansion packages. The first expansion package, Reaper of Souls, was published in 2014 – without real money auction house and with a much dark art style, as required by the community. At the time, the developers said that there was a “fairly decent list” that the Diablo 3 team wanted to tackle. This included the topic of Leah and “the final end of the saga of the people, angels and demons”. Later they rowed back and said that the future of the franchise was “in the air”. While Reaper of Souls continues to be supported, Blizzard is checked whether the game will receive further extensions and interviewed some players to estimate the interest in a possible second expansion.

At Blizzcon 2014, the Reaper of Souls Game Director, Josh Mosqueira, refused to confirm the existence of a second expansion. As it turned out later, a second expansion with the druid as playable class should actually be announced at Blizzcon 2015; However, it was rejected due to quality defects (according to the executive floor) and its content released free of charge in patches.

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Diablo 2 Resurrected, the new edition of the classic from 2000, Diablo Immortal for Mobile and PC as well as the official successor Diablo 4 will definitely replace the third part and will send it to retire at some point. But even if the development of Diablo 3 was not under a good star over long distances and it would have deserved a second expansion, it still offers an exemplary, technically mature gameplay and quality content for many hours. In this sense: Congratulations on the 10th anniversary, Diablo 3!

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