Dark Souls 3: Here is the Uchigatana

Your start weapon in Dark Souls 3 quickly reaches your limits. The Uchigatana helps. Your path to the Uchigatana looks like this:

  • The Uchigatana is not the best weapon involved, but you can get the Katana extremely early. At this point it is quite powerful and that’s why it is worth buying.

Dark Souls 3 - Easy way to get Uchigatana at the start of the game (easy sword master kill)
* You get the Uchigatana by defeating the sword master. This is just outside the fire link. Leave the shrine and go to the right – the sword master guards the tower at the end of the path.
* But caution is advised because the sword master is a strong opponent for new characters. His attacks are quick, especially the combos you can quickly bless the time.
* You should see this as an opportunity to refine your alternative skills. Timing is (almost) everything and with skillful roles they always manage to hit the sword master sensitively.

Also keep in mind that the space on the path is quite limited. But that also belongs to the hard school of Dark Souls 3 and ultimately makes them a better player. To be able to wear the Uchigatana, you need 11 strength and 16 skill. Also important: the katana can be infused and reinforced.