There is no doubt, that _ Spider-Man: No Way Home _ became one of the greatest hits of superhero cinema, raising more than 2,000 million box office and surpassing _ the Avengers: Endgame _ . And despite having a lot of time with its premiere, the mysteries continue to emerge; Even Kevin Feige himself revealed one of them recently.

Kevin Feige Explains the Return of Spider-Man Villains in No Way Home - IGN The Fix: Entertainment

Attention! Spoilers below

According to the producer of _ Marvel Studios _ , the spell that _ dr. Strange _ elaborated for everyone to forget _ Spider-Man _ did not fail because of the high school student, but was applied at the wrong time. The culprits of everything were _ Sylvie _ and _ Loki _ , who ended with a variant of _ kang _ The conqueror just at that time, thus causing multiversal chaos.

That means that the punishment for _ Peter _ was to be at the wrong time, resulting in his growth as a hero in exchange for the life of a loved 1. To that is added the spell executed at the end, which implied a total forgetfulness for _ Peter Parker, _ This by his friends, family, and even the registers of the earth.

End of spoilers

With this statement by _ Feige _ , some will be stunned to know that all _ ucm _ is connected to each other, and from this moment the multiverse will be more present than ever. Proof of this is the newly released, _ DR, Strange in the Multiverse of madness _ , which is a kind of direct continuation to the adventure of the friendly neighbor.