Bringing down your opponent in the UFC 4 is a very effective method for putting the opposition in oblivion. But even if it can be an effective tool for winning fights, you don’t want to be on the other side. Losing a grapple battle and being dismantled puts a fighter a little closer either to type on the opposing competitor, or to ask the referee to stop the fight and to declare a TKO loss.

So what do you need to know about the ground defense in the UFC 4? We have covered you because we offer five tips that you should know about the ground defense in UFC 4.

Knowing orders

First of all, you need to know what commands you need to press to stop with withdrawal. If the opponent tries a withdrawal, press LT / L2 + RT / R2 to stop him. You will have to recognize a potential withdrawal very quickly, because if you do not rely on the triggers at the right time, the opposition will take you to the carpet.

Opponents can also opt for withdrawals, which are slightly different from the traditional, in the sense that it also involves the left joystick (up or down). To avoid one of them, you will need to use the left joystick with LT / L2 and RT / R2 and push it up or down to stay on your feet. If you need more help on the orders to prevent withdrawals, YouTuber Baylian has a good distribution of these movements on his channel.

Familiarize yourself with the HUD

If you have come down to the ground, it is important to use HUD to get up. HUD GRAPPLE Assist (left joystick) and Legacy Grapple HUD (right stick) can both be good help to help you return to the ground or counter a submission. If you use the old HUD, move the left joystick in the direction indicated on the screen to enter a submission (if your fighter has one) or try to get up. Keep in mind, however, that this HUD is limited. If you use the inherited HUD, you will have more options at your disposal, such as switching to half-gardas or spreading, which you can use to counter the opposition.

The problem with a transition attempt, however, is that it is based on something very important: endurance.

Preserve your endurance

If you have weak endurance, it will be more difficult to break with the opposition on the ground or try to make your way. For this reason, you will have to choose your breaks wisely. If you try to free yourself, try to wait as long as possible for your endurance bar to be filled. Once it has reached the highest possible value, you can make the transition faster and easier.

In addition to the endurance bar, you will want to keep an eye on the green blocking bar on the screen. This will indicate the amount of energy you will have with your blocks, which is very important if the opposition is in the Mount / Full Guard position. If you block enough successive strokes, you can break the frame.

Knowing how to stop the opponent’s transition

If you are on the ground and you see that the opponent moves to a new position on the HUD, you need to know how to stop this transition. To do this, press RT / R2 to prevent the transition. You will want to stop it as quickly as possible, because the speed of a transition depends on the quantity of endurance of the opponent. If you see one of these transitions, delete it as quickly as possible.

Understand that you can’t stop everything

In the end, it would be good to catch each potential withdrawal, you cannot win each battle. There will be times when you lose a battle and you will be defeated. And if you are shot, there will be times when the opposition will take over with sockets and strikes. The key is that it is important to know the meters and not to panic when you are in an uncomfortable place.

If the opponent opts for a TKO Sol and Book, use your blocks (as we mentioned previously). Another effective method to avoid a stop is to use the right stick to weave on the left or right to dodge a straight line. In addition, press LB / L1 to try to catch and against to get out of a tight jerk.

Finally, if the opposition requires a submission, do not rejoice too much about the trigger or the bar will become too large. It is easy to panic in these situations, but by gently maintaining the triggers sunk, you will make sure that the bar does not move too quickly in one direction, which will guarantee that your bar remains small.

Follow these tips and stay calm when you play in defense on the field, and you will be a little closer to reverse the fight.