West Ham United’s head coach David Moyes is amazed at the development of his team to a European League semi-finalist.

“It wasn’t long ago that we fought against the descent. It has been a great upswing since then, and I see no reason why it shouldn’t be continued,” said Moyes after arriving in Frankfurt am Main. In the 2006 World Cup stadium, Eintracht and West Ham play to participate in the Europa League final. This will be held in Seville on May 18.

The Hesse won the first leg in London 2-1, a draw is enough in the second leg. “We are the hunter in this game because we are a goal behind. But in the same breath they are the ones who have to defend the lead,” said Moyes.

A return from central defender Issa Diop, which last with an ankle injury, was conceivable. Diop is “maybe not at 100 percent”, but in this phase of the season you can take a slightly greater risk.