To get the Divinity Trace rifle in Destiny 2, you need to go to lunar battlefield during patrol activities on the moon. You can find the lunar battlefield in the place shown below. During patrolling in this area, you will need to kill VEX enemies. This will launch the quest “Divine Fragmentation.”

The end Divine fragmentation quest will reward you with a rifle of the divine trace in Destiny 2. As soon as you start the quest Divine fragmentation in Destiny 2, you must go to Nessus. On Nessus you will need to scan oracles in the following lost sectors:

  • Orreri
  • The ghost of the ancients
  • Mergers

You can find all three lost sectors on Nessus in places noted in the image below. After scanning all three oracles, you will need to get 120 decryption nuclei . You can get 120 nuclei of the decryption by killing enemies-fibers. We recommend that we return to the moon and perform tasks involving hordes of enemies-fibers to get 120 decryption nuclei. After receiving 120 nuclei of the decryption, you will need to get 30 ghostly fragments, killingnightmare enemies *.

Having earned the necessary 30 ghostly fragments, you will receive an enhanced decryption core that will lead you to the last step. The last step is to complete the Raid “Salment Garden”. During the Salment Garden raid, you will also need to solve all seven puzzles. The completion of all seven puzzles demand six players , so we recommend gathering a group of six friends to help solve the raid puzzles. This guarantees that you will receive a Divinity Trace Rifle rifle after the raid is completed.

What is the Divinity Trace Destiny 2 rifle 2

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep: How to Get Divinity - Raid Exotic Trace Rifle
The rifle of the divine trace is an exotic weapon that causes damage to an arc. Divinity also has the following bonuses:

Judgment: * This perk weakens the damage from Dinwiti’s weapons and destroys enemies.
Particle repeater: This perk limits the return.
polygonal rifting: This perk adds a decrease in return.

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