31 years ago, Dietmar Schacht, called “Didi”, was the last promotion captain of FC Schalke 04. To date, the 59-year-old feels connected to his ex-club and believes in the return to the Bundesliga. The former professional also draws his optimism from the change of coach at the royal blue.

Since Mike Büskens replaced Dimitrios Grammozis at FC Schalke and was again on the sidelines as a boss, the miners in the 2nd league with five wins from six games have made an impressive catch -up.

SV Sandhausen - FC Schalke 04 (1-2) | Goals and Highlights | 2 Bundesliga 21/22 | Matchday 32

Even if there was a damper in the 1: 4 in the top game against Werder Bremen, the team has the climb in their own hands again. An important step on the way to the big destination could succeed on Friday evening, should be scored three times in the away game at SV Sandhausen (from 6:30 p.m. in the live ticker).

Schalke’s former defense clearer Dietmar Schacht is convinced of a threesome in the Kurpfalz. “The Bremen bankruptcy, even if it was bitter, came at the right time. If we had won, we would have driven to Sandhausen arrogantly. Now the team knows that it is about everything,” the native of Duisburg assured in the “Bild” -Interview.

His forecast for the exciting season of the season: “Bremen becomes first and Schalke becomes second.”

shaft: That’s why Grammozis failed at FC Schalke

According to Schacht, S04 is so good in the decisive phase at all, especially to change coaches in early March.

“I am convinced that Dimitrios Grammozis has never really arrived here. […] He could only lose. Schalke wants to have one on the pitch who is emotional and goes into the fire for royal blue. Grammozis was more introverted. That has Büskens ahead of him, “he emphasized the differences between the trainers.

Before the exchange on the coaching bench, the team was dead, Schacht said. She only revived Büskens. “Buyo is the absolute motivator, Peter Hermann the tranquility and strategist-they harmonize well and are the best solution at the moment,” said the 59-year-old.

New coach from Schalke 04 “also has to get the audience on board”

However, since Büskens does not want to continue as a chief coach, a new coach is needed in summer – regardless of which league. Schacht already has a clear requirement profile in his head.

“Someone has to come who knows what it means to work for Schalke. He has to see that he can do it not only to get the team but also the audience on board, Then the boys also play a bed of football, “warned today’s snack bar owner.