SSR Artem, “unusual love”, is a map of the virtuous presence of empathy, which can be obtained in a limited event of general purchases in “The Tears of Themis”. The event takes place from from April 29, 2022 to May 20, 2022 and open to all lawyers.

Keep in mind that this event involves spending real money. There are no free alternatives for the accumulation of points necessary for obtaining awards.

Tears of Femis Artem SSR “Extraordinary Love” The total number of purchases for the event

Get access to the event by clicking on a rotating banner in the upper right corner of the screen, or go to the shopping center, select gems and click the Time limited time of the time. The goal is to spend money to collect p-points. Having reached the miles p-Point, you will receive awards from materials to increase the level, Tears of Themis-Sandsong and the new SSR Artyom Map “Unusual Love”.

All purchases using real money are counted in the event of an event, regardless of whether you decide to buy precious stones, outfits, backgrounds and even a map of the month. Meanwhile, purchases using precious stones and S-chips do not generate p-points even if the exchange is made in a shopping center.

Only purchases made after updating the game on April 29, 2022 and until the game was discharged on May 20, 2022, P-Balls will bring you. Any previous and future purchases are not taken into account. You must also manually request awards until the end of the event, otherwise they will disappear forever.

Point Pharmic Guide P

Noticeable awards in the event include:

Limited SSR Artem *: All five copies can be obtained from 8 to 12 levels.
Limited Artyom’s Name map : The Shadow Embossed – Unusual Love can be obtained at 10.
Tears of femids – sand song : You can get from 9 to 12 levels in various quantities.

The table below shows the approximate P-Points conversion to USD to achieve the 12th level, the highest level in the event. The P-Point requirement is not summarized. For example, you need to dial 36 p-points (and not 24) to increase the level from the second to the third.

However, if you make a large purchase, the number of P-Points you receive is transferred to all levels that it covers.

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