On the 28th, Perfect World Korea announced that it has been updating new expansion packs on MMORPG ‘Jade DyNASTY’ using ‘Joo IP’. This update has been added with the ‘Ties’ and ‘Hut’ systems, and men’s and women’s characters at level 50 or more can build intimacy and make a relationship.

The ‘ties’ system is activated by the player’s ties with the players, and it can be a strong blow on the battlefield with a dedicated skill. In addition, the additional ‘hut’ system is a content that five users can gather in one hut and own their own mansion. In the mansion, you can add various life skills as well as decorating elements to make your own beautiful mansion.

【ENG SUB】Jade Dynasty: Chinese fantasy action film|Sean Xiao, Li Qin, Meng Meiqi【Huashi TV】

In order to commemorate the expansion pack update, the official ‘Jade Dynasty’ Naver Lounge will hold a certification event and provide Google Gift Card as a lottery. In addition, the company plans to pay 7 days of decorative items.

More information about Jade Dynasty can be found in the official Naver Lounge.