We no longer present Diablo IV, the famous long -awaited game of Hack N’Slash fans. Players can already reassure themselves because the news is certainly brief, but encouraging.


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A satisfactory development

It is through its latest quarterly financial report, published yesterday, that Activision Blizzard also wants to take stock of the Dediablo IV development. announced in 2019, the game is long overdue and despite a recent overview New regions and nearly 150 dungeons of the game, there is not much to put in the tooth. This is why the American developer and publisher wishes to meet this long wait by declaring that the development of Diablo IV progresses satisfactorily. While an external test is launched via a beta available on Overwatch 2, Diablo IV remains a little behind, but not too much, with internal tests in progress, carried out on a business scale. A news that remains reassuring and which shows the crossing of a new step in the progress of development.

Still no release date in sight

Obviously, this does not give us more information on the question of a period or a release date. In addition, remember that a postponement has already been announced at the end of last year following the departure of several officials in particular. It will therefore be necessary to take his pain in patience and be satisfied with future quarterly publications communicated by Activision Blizzard to hope to learn more about the progress of the project. Just enough to gradually get the hype of all players who are impatiently waiting for major information about this new opus. In the meantime, you can always console yourself with the next outing of Diablo Immortal and of which you can read the smallest details here.


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