The addition of advertisements in games is not a new idea: As early as 2002, the firm Massive Incorporated specialized in the integration of advertisements for real products in the worlds of video games and the The RĂ©gie had collaborated with several development studios (like Blizzard ), before being redeemed by Microsoft in 2006 – which nevertheless closed it in 2010.
This old idea resurfaces today while the same Microsoft but also Sony indicate reflecting again with the integration of advertisements in their games.

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Few details are communicated at this time, but the two comforts clearly consider that their free-to-play titles (which have gained popularity during periods of confinement) could be effectively monetized through advertising. This is what Business Insider report, echoing various internal sources of both giants.

Obviously, Sony would think about the question for more than 18 months (concomitantly at the launch of the PS5 ) and plans to concretize it by the end of the year in its PlayStation games. At the same time, Microsoft would lead the same type of reflection, saying here that it is concerned that it does not distingurate the gameplay of the games concerned – the marks promoted in its games would be carefully selected and the advertising inserts would be integrated in the respect of the fun universes (in the form of Advertising panels on the roadside road sets, for example).