After a beta in closed circle, the first game of the Polish studio Dark Point Games will soon show what it has in the belly to the greatest number. Achilles: Legends UNTOLD will indeed be available on May 12 in anticipated steam access at a price of 18.99 euros.

Achilles: Legends Untold | Early Access Release Date Trailer

Trail between Mom Diablo and Dad Dark Souls, this isometric RPG action relies on the richness of Greek mythology and aims to seduce the veterans of Souls-like without closing the door to the newcomers. Like a certain game FromSoftware released two months ago, the opportunity to play in cooperation could also be a good solution to overcome the tests in the dungeons generated procedurally. Alone or in cooperation, the resource harvest will in any case be essential to forge better equipment with the complicity of good hephaystos.

When launching early access, players will be able to travel the prologue and Chapter 1 of history, so to say no more than 20% of the expected content in the final game. The dungeons generated randomly will be there, like secondary quests, cooperation, a start of skill tree and the first fighting of BOSS. The curious will be able to join the adventure from May 12 for just under 20 euros. The others can turn the heels and observe the first impressions until the final launch.


Achilles: LEGENDS UNTOLD – Trailer Exit Date (Early access)