It is official: The developers of World of Warcraft have announced the ninth extension and the rumors have confirmed! WOW: Dragon Flight is a thing, and what kind of! This brings with the caller of the Dracthyr a people class combination, the first of its kind in WoW. On the dragon islands, your until level 70 grows and experiences adventure in four new zones! You learn the dragon riding and thus gets the possibility of unloading skills through the air of the dragon islands.

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There are still three super-sized construction sites: The talent system is crass and brings talent trees “back”. The professions will also be felt developers love. And the user interface is greatly revised to make WOW addons from third-party providers to make a piece of superfluous. Here is the overview of all known information about WOW: DragonFlight and also for the announcement of WoW Wrath of the Lich King Classic. From the individual points, you then come to articles, among other things, which go further in the depth in the respective area.
The Dragon Islands in WoW: DragonFlight Source: Blizzard

WOW: DragonFlight brings the dragon islands

On your way to the new maximum level 70 in WoW (Buy Now): DragonFlight travels to the dragon islands, because they want to recover the dragon swarms after their 10,000-year sleep (ie the sleep of the islands, not the dragon ^^) back. With on board everything is what has rank and name! Among other things, please look forward to the return Alexstraszas and Furorion, look forward to photodraches and elementary Hallbriesen!

On the dragon islands you expect four areas that could not be different. There would be an elementary power-radiating coast of adults, which expects you, among others WoW celebrities Alexstrasza. Furthermore, you should explore the tremendous levels of Ohn’ahra, the snowy heights of the azure mountain range and the towers and temples of Thaldraszus. Whether one of the zones is a similar high-end area such as that in Legion actually pretty popular Suramar is not yet known. The capital of the extension is called Valdrakken and is located in Thaldraszus – maybe Valdrakken has the potential for Suramar 2.0.

  • Shipyard A look at our dragon island preview to get a first impression of the new regions!

WoW Dragonflight - Dragon Mount Customization & Dragon Riding | Deep Dive
The caller of the Dracthyr Source: Blizzard

The Rufer of the Dracthyr Aka Evoker

With the new class, it has something special, because it is the first people class combination that ever existed in WOW. Say: This people can only learn a class, but he is free to choose whether the Horde or the Alliance connects – yes, if you look at the humanoid shape of the callers of the Dracthyr, then that means that the Horde People get ^^

Similar to shape transducers, you can design both the humanoid form and the dragon form according to your wishes for your wishes. Rufer of the Dracthyr can use blue and red magic as a rangamp damage distributor, or help the forces of the bronze and green dragon swarm as a healer. The power of the black dragon swarm may possibly empower in the ability to combine the particular magic of the Rufer of the Dracthyr. You start with level 58 in a unique initial quest in a separate dragon island area and will be able to decide if you want to wear the blue or red banner.

  • More About the Rufer The Dracthyr in Wow: DragonFlight Learn you in our small summary of the known information.

How to Tame A Dragon: The Dragon Riding

On the dragon islands, the new ability can be learned dragon riding, which is referred to by the developers as “a brand new skills-based travel method in the air”. About the course of the extension, it should be possible to excite your dragon about more speed and range, to change its appearance and adapt it to your wishes.

  • What it exactly with the dragon’s riding in WoW: DragonFlight has to get that you have here.

They come back: Talent trees!

Uff, the WOW developers want to return a bit to the roots of the classes and revise the talent system of WOW with DragonFlight massive! It is evidently not just back to the Classic talents, but rather to a talent tree 2.0, which combines a bit of the teachings of artifact weapons, pacts, media and more in themselves. You then have a class tree as well as a tree with specialization talents that offer you deep-banging decisions and adaptation opportunities.

  • What exactly that means will you experience in detail in our small preview to the talent trees of WOW: Dragonfligh t.

More love for the craftsmen: professions in DragonFlight

The criticism of WOW’s crafting system has been expressed loud and unmistakable for years. In between, in Battle for Azeroth, and also in Shadowlands, it almost seemed that the WoW makers simply capitulated in front of the mum task, to miss the craft again really good and meaningful ideas. In Wow: Dragonflight await you new features and tools for more comfort, craft orders created by players, professional equipment and what has been deleted from the craft: specializations! The craft should receive a sense again – hopefully Dragonflight creates that!

Spring cleaning: a new look for the WOW interface

The WOW interface is also abundantly dusty. To facilitate your navigation and overview, the appearance of the mini card, the magic display and various other elements is improved. New features are added and the design will be improved. There are also options of different aspects of the individual elements on your personal taste. WoW-Interface Goes Elvui?

One More Thing: World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Classic!

Finally it is official, there will also be a Classic edition of the most popular WoW extension of all time: Wotlk Classic. And because the baby is worth an announcement alone, we will send you with this link Schwupdiwupp over to the official Wotlk-Classic-Announcement !

Do you have the LiveStream to WoW: DragonFlight persecuted? Are you looking forward to what the WOW developers are looking forward to you? And are you keen on WoW Wrath of the Lich King Classic? Do you already scare with the hooves or are you waiting for all points, which could bring you a beta?

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