Over the past few months, many interesting events have occurred in Genshin Impact. Now that there are rumors about the delay, you can not wonder how an extended version will look like. Does this mean that version 2.7 is short, and the Ayaki banner will simply end and will not be replaced?

If the delay really happens, the good news is that 2.7 in any case was not planned as a large patch. This is most likely to happen in response to the delay:

  • 2.6 will be expanded for three weeks.
  • 2.7 will last three weeks and will contain only the banner Elan.
  • A combat skip will take less time to increase the level of 2.7.
  • We will see how events will be moved back, like the SPICES from the West event.

  • Two re-start banners will be added after Ayaka completes the work.

In general, not so much will be lost, and the players will have more time to save for Elan. Fortunately, it seems that Hoyoverse has already some emergencies plans, so Genshin Impact will still work with several replacement events and banners.

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