This is a secret for anyone that this scribe likes Synth Riders around these parts, with its incredible gameplay and a constant supply in new content. And Kluge Interactive announced the last batch of content for its excellent PlayStationVr rhythmic title, adding a new pack of songs featuring the tunes of the violinist very popular Lindsey Stirling.

Just like with the Synth Riders Muse Songs Pack, this last dlc lot includes five songs, as well as another sublime experiences. With an exit date on April 14, 2022, waiting to get their hands on this pack will not be long. The price is not too high either, at $ 7.99 – you can buy the tracks individually instead if you prefer.

The tracks you can wait impatiently for this break are:

  • Underground (it’s also the experience track)
  • Break me
  • First light
  • Mirage

Synth Riders x Lindsey Stirling - Underground Experience in Mixed Reality
* Shadows

Not a bad selection. So what do you think? Is another pack on which you want to get the hand? Have you picked up the last pack of Kluge Interactive Grooving title? Cry it in the comments below.