Aurelion Sol is the mysterious rework that Riot Games was preparing. The developers of League of Legends have assumed the disappointment that the champion still provoke six years after its launch and wanted to confirm that they have a new plan of acting with which they will try to renew their gameplay to turn it into a somewhat more interesting character for the community**. However, since the company have announced that the changes for the star forgeler will not be the usual ones, but it will face a process that opens the door to many similar works for the less beloved heroes of the campus.

A new category of reworks that will illustrate the community

Aurelion Sol’s main problem is that he is in a paradoxical situation. Riot Games has revealed that the champion is on its historic sales top on the launch days. Even right now, the Dragon design of the galaxies is among the ten that the community most likes every time a survey is made on characters design. A situation that does not prevent one of the least play of the game, being selected in just one out of every 550 games played in League of Legends.

In this way, the developer has taken out from the sleeve a new type of REWORK to which they will call CGU. These acronyms refer to the English Term “Comprehensive GamePlay Update” and refer to a full update of the playable section **. The objective is to carry out a complete renewal of the skills that maintains the identity and appearance of the character and, according to Riot Games, will have the scope that the Transformations of Urgot or Sion had. In this way, we can expect it to stay very little from the current version.

This new type of updates is even more ambitious than the developer is currently preparing for OLAF or SWAIN. While these two characters will receive performance changes that do not alter the identity signs of their spells, Aurelion Sol will be completely renewed . In addition and depending on the results, Riot Games ensures that there are other characters of League of Legends who could receive similar treatment in the future.

From the developer they have not revealed a possible release date for the character. However, when this mysterious project was talked about at the launch of the Champions Road Leaf, the developers of League of Legends claimed that it would only be presented in case they had sufficient progress. Everything indicates that The new version of Aurelion Sol will reach the game this year and that will be the next REWORK to join the game after UDYR.