Discover the new event of the season was with Team of the Season, Tots whose exit date is already known and the list of players on fifa 22. Here, we expect a key moment of the season with a regular event that takes place every year. The idea is to propose, for several weeks, improved versions of the best players of the season on each championship of the game. So, every week, a new major championship and a minor championship will be put forward with a list of special cards.

You Need to Watch This Before TOTS
Updated: Update from Thursday, April 14 at 19h. For the moment, it seems that the beginning of the vote for the community team is fixed on April 17 with a start of the total on Friday, April 29.

TOTS in a few points:

  • An event that will start on April 29 and will last nearly two months
  • A TOTS team of the community via a vote then a league a week
  • A special team per week and by major championship
  • Cards receiving an important boost, sometimes at low foot and technical gestures, similar to Toty
  • Usually, cards available in rewards was champion instead of the Totw
  • Many DCE icons and totes in addition

Total Card List

Find our lower Leaks to discover the different team of the Season, Tots before their official release. The cards will be officially unveiled from Friday, April 29 at 19h.

TOTS Community, via a vote

The first TOTS team is usually that of the community. EA selects a list of players, having little or no special card during the season, but deserving of a total version. Then the community votes for an eleven that will be in the packs to launch the TOTS season.

Community vote should start on Sunday, April 17th.

Leak around the totes

You will find here all our Leaks around dates, special maps and DCE for the Event Team of the Season. In addition, our Leaks are also published on our ARTICLE dedicated to all Leaks around FIFA 22.

TOTS LEAKS: For the moment, only dates around the event are leaks

  • Beginning on April 17 via the vote for the community team
  • Release of the first team (Community Tots) and first DCE on Friday, April 29

Date for the Event Tots

This Event Promo should last more than eight weeks during which the total cards of each championship are available in the rotation packs. The special maps of each championship will be available only a week but usually EA sets up a rotation system with Best-of and DCE to get some cards again.

The beginning of the event is placed (for the moment) to Friday, April 29 at 19h.

So much for the start date details and the list of players for the Event Team of the Season, FIFA 22. You can find all the news and our FIFA 22 guides on community.