What if the guns that came from a distance, and if the bullet flying on his head? It was a headset that blocked a terrible moment imagination.

Razer Headset SAVES Kid's Life from Stray Bullet...

The US community reddit, the enough_dance_956, posted the laser submerge, the laser saved my life (Razer Saved My Life…). The publication was posted in the band part of the band and a hole in the windows. The enOll_dance_956 explained that this was that the bullet has penetrated the window and hit the headset.

He talked to his 18-year-old Iris, he explained the situation at the time of the headset that the bullet passes through the window on the 2nd of 10:30 on Wednesday morning. Also, if he was not a headphones made with good quality, he may have been a terrible work, and he left the time.

The users have comforted him over a great danger, but there was a user who doubts the authenticity as long as the post came to the April Fool’s Day. He argued that the headset was hit by the headset, the bullet that came out of the wall, and the bullet that fell on the wall, and the bullet that has fallen and the bullet has fallen, He can predict that if the bullet in the headset was not right in the headset when he saw the bullet that has a bullet made bullet, it was clear.

The enOll_dance_956 was a block away from one block, and the police that came for the investigation have been recovered for the bullet. The laser side is known to have taken a separate contact while raising a post that releases the user’s safety through the reddit.

Since the enOll_dance_956, I also had a good idea to thank many users who are worried about his condition. The laser is also said that the case was not a joke, not a full-fed, and I contacted him to send a new headset.