[Data provided: Cacao Games]

\ – Open the world, 2nd World, 2nd Public

\ – ‘Turn the Bingo Board‘ vary depending on the number of bingo balls through the event

Cacao Games said today (11th) today (11th), which was conducted on the 2nd update of the new World 14 ‘Demon Share Gouri’ on Mobile RPG developed by the US Developer’s Bean Studio.

Cacao Games followed on March, followed by the second update to open the remaining unpublished stages of the World Main Stage. World 14 contains an adventure of the article in Daemon Share, the capital of the unification war.

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In addition, we added a new hero ‘Claude’ to add the pleasure of battle. The newly introduced ‘Claude’ is a Vampire Count Character that rules ‘Daemon Share’ of the old ‘mare’.

Cacao Games shall be carried out until 21st, commemorating this update. The user can use the “Bingo Machine” to use the ‘event point’ acquired by the Story Stage and various missions, and a variety of compensation according to the number of ‘bingo ball’ unplugged.

Meanwhile, is gaining a rising story, a unique humor cord, a unique humor cord, exciting game performance, and a unique humor cord in the game.

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