Bevern in the light of day Developers announced this week plans to redo one of the first state effects added to the game: hemorrhage. Previously, this effect caused the survivors more every time the murderers beat them using certain advantages or those who had brought special supplements that in turn made them easier to track. In its new way that is now being tested on the PTB before its live release, the renewed version of Hemorrhage will inflict the survivors a health regression until they can heal themselves.

Behavior Interactive shared changes to Hemorrhage in the same set of test server patch notes that included a nerf for Circle of Healing, but for those who do not prefer to read all the notes and just want to see the highlights, the developer has He has also been publishing the details in his social accounts. One of those tweets highlighted the change of bleeding to show how it will affect the survivors once it is available to everyone.

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“New effect: the survivors affected by the effect of hemorrhage state have a regression in their progression of healing at a constant rate when they do not cure.” The patch notes said.

As an example, the notes continued saying that if someone has 99% of their full health and is affected by the hemorrhage effect, it will lose 7% health per second, which will take 14 seconds to completely exhaust their health bars. This exerts more pressure on the survivor to escape and heal itself rapidly instead of evading murderers as he bleeds more.

Patch notes also recognized the perspective of many players that the hemorrhage effect is “useless”. Behavior said he expects this new effect to solve that problem.

“Hemorrhage has had a reputation for being a” useless ‘state effect, so we modify it so that it has a more significant impact on the central mechanics of the survivors’ healing, “said patch notes.

It is worth noting that the previous Tweet uses the term “also” to describe the new effect, while the patch notes do not. It is not clear from that wording if additional bleeding is still valid in this new version.

It is likely that this new effect will cause murderers to reconsider their burdens more to test more creative constructions. The advantage Oni’s Blood ECHO, for example, inflicts all other survivors hemorrhage and exhaustion effects once a survivor is hooked, which sounds much more attractive after this change. The murderers who enjoy using the basic attack with unique accessories and advantages to inflict hemorrhage should also appreciate this change.

The patch notes are not completed until they are definitely launched, so we will have to see if it changes or if this version is what was decided when the update is published for all.