X-COM 2, which is a tension full of tension against the aliens, is free to distribute the X-COM 2 from 15th to 22 days from the Ephics Games Store.

Another strategy game of Farakis Games, famous for civilization, the X-Com Series, has an appeal that is a different fun of the confrontation with aliens. In 2016, X-Comp 2, which was conquered to the aliens, to the background of the dumplings of the aliens, and the process of lowering the resistance settlement from the oppression. Through this, a confrontation with the alien is established.

The play method succeeds from the battlefield battlefield, but it can build a more dense strategy based on new systems such as reinforced bottles and executives. Although the previous X-chan received a good evaluation, X-Comp 2 was found that they had fun with the finest.

In addition, in the same period, German Games Mounters Bite Locals Games can also be received free of charge. Mountain Mounter is a logicic game that has a rigid climbing of a lonely climber.

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On the other hand, in the Epic Games Store, the Football Manager 2022 free trials are carried out until the 12th. In addition, even if I die, I die, I will keep the theme that my descendants will continue to keep the theme that I will keep the theme of Loglique Games Log Legacy and Occup,.