While the Union players after 4: 1 at Hertha with their own fans celebrated, the players of the old lady as well as their own supporters. The mood was of course opposite, there were whistles. “Of course, the fans are disappointed, they have given everything, as we were in arrears, they have pushed us. Of course, that’s a great disappointment for the fans,” said Hertha-Keeper Marcel Lotka, who still one of the best of his team was, after the game at “SKY”.

Stinksauer were rightly the fans, because the old lady lost the third derby this season – and then also with 1: 4. The Ultras of Hertha then demanded from the players to take off their jerseys and lay in front of the fan block. Quasi as a symbol, because after this renewed stroke, the players did not deserve to wear this jersey.

“It’s hard to explain what was discussed with the fans, I prefer not to say. It was just a gesture to take off the jersey. I just heard that we should take off the jersey and lie down. After the game is natural Clear that the fans are angry. That’s why I did it, “Maximilian said Mittelstädt, who was in this jersey action at the front and as one of the first players also left the Jersey.

Magath: “That the fans are disappointed, I understand”

Lotka also put his goalkeeper jersey in front of the Berlin fanblock. “Maxi was in front of me, I did not hear what was. He then pulled out the jersey because they have challenged it, some players did it then,” says Keeper. And Magath expressed understanding for the frustration of the fans: “That the fans are bitterly disappointed, I understand. That’s very clear. To lose a derby in height, is hard. But it is not the situation, it is not like that that the players do not want. “

humiliation? Mittelstädt: “Would like to avoid the conflict”

UNION BERLIN FAN MARCH!! Hertha BSC vs Union Berlin - Berlin derby!! Hertha vs Union (09-04-2022)
The players at least partly with. Was it a kind of humiliation after a renewed very weak performance in the season? “It is understandable that the fans are angry. Against Union in the selling house you expect another performance than those we delivered. Whether humiliation or not, I just want to avoid the conflict,” said Mittelstädt. And managing director Fredi Bobic expressed it clearly: “I did not have it. I still take the jersey with pride. I understand the displeasure, but we are also athletes.