The Independent Studio 5 (representative Kim Chang-hyun), the Independent Studio (representative), said that the real-time PVP Action Games ‘Smash Legends’ announced on April 12th.

This update is at the heart of adding ‘competing’, a new content that can show off PVP skills between players. Level 15 or more with a level of six or more Legends can participate in the competition. 3: 3: Based on the occupation, the 6 players will be selected in the order in which the desired legend is set in the order, and the Legend should not be able to use a different legend with all players. These legendary intersections and the tier scores that are changed depending on the results of the game allow you to strategically play the game more strategically and you can show your game skills.

New Legend (character) ‘dragon’ is also available. ‘Dragon’ is the 26th new Legend, and can give a great deal of damage to the opponent through rolling and graving using his body. In the game store, it is possible to purchase through credit or jewelry, and it provides effect and emoticons for use as a pre-purchased player limitation.

In addition, a chopsticking package ‘Legend Assembling Bundle’, which can earn most legends released so far, will also be added. In addition, Labi, Location Queen, the new theme of Rabbel, also launched.

[Smash Legends] Competitive Match is Coming Soon!
5 Myeongpyeong Park Moon-hyung’s representative is “I am going to strengthen communication with users, such as a live chat Q & A session, such as a live chat Q & A session, commemorating a live chat Q & A session on the launch of a new content competition on the last 5 days.” Through the users, we plan to provide a variety of games and pleasure to provide a variety of games. “

‘Smash Legend’ is a real-time PVP action game that 5 dollabs are developed on their own. Featuring a short play time, a cool striking, easy operation within 3 minutes, a global 5.5 million downloads were recorded.