The release of Diablo 4 still seems to be in far away, but apparently it is already clear that there will be a cross-promotion with World of Warcraft again. In the game files for Patch 9.2.5 of WOW: Shadowlands are clearly significive signs of the render Amalgan of Rage, which players receive when you purchase the collector edition of Diablo 4 . The found notes Source: W.Tools

Level By Level: Amalgams
This information comes from the website W.Tools, which records the CDN changes for WOW updates. CDN stands for Content Delivery Network and is the online network with which the developer swap data from different game builds.

To enjoy data with caution

Although the data for the riding Amalgam of Rage in the files of Patch 9.2.5 hide, this does not mean that it is unlocked with this patch. The data could still be unused for a while and also appear in later WoW versions. Because first time Diablo 4 must be available in advance only in advance, so that a promotion is possible at all. Signs for first Alpha tests for Diablo 4 were already talking last year . If the Blizzard Event will not be communicated to us on 19 April 2022 Surprisingly the release date of the fourth Diablo part, we continue to assume that Diablo 4 will no longer appear in 2022.

WoW fans have to be patient for a while on the Amalgam of Rage, if it really should be the cross-promotion mount. If there is more information about it, we will keep you up to date here. How do you think the Amalgam of Rage will look in WoW (Buy Now) ? Write us in the comments.

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