It seems that it is the week of the return of mythical sagas. First it was the announcement of Monkey Island, and now the return of Max Payne has been announced. Not with a new delivery, but with the return of the first two games. Remedy Entertainment and Rockstar have confirmed that max payne and max payne 2 will return in the form of remake that is working under development for ps5, xbox series x | s and pc .

The games will be totally renovated, both at the technical level and in playable mechanics. The editora ejection knows that it is a saga that dazzles many people and will devote the affection it deserves for the result to be spectacular.

According to count, the two games will come included within the same title, so the Remake will compile the two works of the character, whose face, by the way, is taken from Sam Lake , director of Remedy. At the technical level you will use the NorthLight Engine , which is the same one that uses control, the last game developed by the company and that has successfully covered among the public.

It is also interesting to know that the statement talks about an alliance between Rockstar and Remedy . The editor Responsible for the GTA Saga will contribute an economic injection to support the project and ensure that it is an AAA production. Recall that Rockstar took care of the spectacular Max Payne 3 and that, since then, the saga has been forgotten so far.

The first Max Payne dates from 2001 and in its day highlighted by the use of Bullet time in the gameplay, ensuring exciting and fun combats in which time slowed down. In addition, his bet for narrative is powerful and the works have unforgettable moments, combining his argument power and the narration of the character himself, integrating all this in the design of scenarios and levels.


At the moment there is no release date or anything similar, and it seems that we will have to wait a long time, because they indicate that the project just is in its early stages of development .