Following the Chinese mythical communication, Shandong TV started in full time.

According to Hong Kong South Morning Post (SCMP), Shandong TV plans to build a ‘Metabus Product Series’ while building an infrastructure that is a self-blocked infrastructure to support its digital collection. As the Chinese government binds NFT technology and mention the possibility of regulatory, it is replaced by the term ‘digital collection’ in the local.

As a result, Shandong TV was the second Chinese government’s media company that started its related projects in earnest, following Xinhua Communication, in December last year. Shandong TV is a description of SCMP that cultural heritage and ancient architecture, natural scenery, etc. will create digital collections. Shandong province has a high-height of 1545m Taishan, such as Taesan, has a confiscated culture and tourist attractions.

The ahead of mythical communication has been released free of charge through a total of 110,000 parts for Christmas. In addition, the Communist Party of China introduced the recent milestone that has been receiving the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Beijing Tiananan Square in July and the recent milestones that have been administered to 2.1 billion corona 19 vaccines nationwide.

This movement of the recent Shandong TV “NFT and metabuses can be easily made from regulatory gray zones,” said the results of the concerned interest in the related projects in the mainland of China, all.

Shandong Chengwu Medical Products Factory
Big Tech Companies, China, are leaping on the relevant market. Last year, the Alibaba Group’s Pin Tech affiliate Ant Group has released two NFT wallpapers in the platform ‘Jingtan’, which was developed, and Tencent introduced the NFT trading platform ‘Huanhe’ last August.. In recent years, Billy Billy, called Yuwabra, who is called Yuwabra, issued NFT and enters the relevant market.