Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands combines the Borderlands formula with a bright colored fantasy world and plenty of spells that are already limiting on stallness. The concept works surprisingly good and thus ensures a fun shooter with role-playing elements. In the digital version of the pen & paper game “Bunkers & Badasses” it is also pretty crazy too. The game manager Tina leads you through an adventure that does not save on rainbows and wit bolds. A Cosplayer has brought the character to life with a lot of color; And that not only because Tina has made her world as colorful.

This cosplay is almost only color

The artist Charr uses a special technique for your creations: Instead of sewing them or reconuing them as detailed as possible, transforms them into their favorite figures using Body Painting . At first glance, it is not clear that the outfit of Tina is carefully painted. The only parts you made for it are the eye-catching hat and the wig. This variant requires a lot of stamina: according to own information it took on seven hours ** to apply the color. Even the cell-shading optics come to validity that gives the game its special style.

The upturned Tina is not the first character to whom the artist has dedicated to Charrr. In the past, she already showed himself as Maya from Borderlands 3, Caitlyn from League of Legends and even Melina from Elden Ring, which also decorates her body with color. All cosplays act deceptively real and likely to have cost a lot of time and effort to make them look so realistic. However, it is a pity drum that body painting is a unique thing and must be applied again at the next opportunity.

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