Twelve years Sandro Wagner carried the jersey of FC Bayern. After the former midstormer was trained in the dealers, he returned to the Isar in late autumn of his career. Meanwhile, the football coach offers mixed feelings on his home club.

In the podcast “Simply Tones” by Toni and Felix Kroos, Wagner was used to narrow-friendly. The 34-year-old also talked about his relationship with Bayern.

“The FC Bayern really means a lot. Very much even because I was just eleven, twelve years every day,” Ried Wagner, who completed a total of 38 competitive games for the first team of the Munich. However, the ex-center sprayer makes a difference: “But it is more of the club and not the people.”

Wagner explained, “I do not find every cool who is in a senior position at Bavaria. I find the club Cool and but would have no problems that FC Bayern hurt as opponents.”

So ran Wagner’s DFB resignation

Not only at the record champion, the charismatic Münchner squirted with his open manner. In the national team, Wagner declared his resignation for the 2018 World Cup 2018 disappointed.

The notification of ex-national coach Joachim Löw, that he does not go to the tournament, had displeased him. “I was unauthorized in Italy and have bought a house yet. We should not really get out of Munich. Then I saw all the WhatsApp groups and Josh Kimmich called me and asked me, ‘Say, the Jogi has already called ? “, Wagner revealed.

At this time, the ex-professional had not yet heard of Löw’s decision. This told him the World Champion from 2014 to him only a short time later.

“In the background I heard a wine glass. That was a situation where I did not realize myself,” said today’s Unterhaching coach. Subsequently, the DFB resignation took place. “There I can not look in the mirror if I stay with it. I could have solved the way but cooler,” Wagner confessed.