Even pulls the curtains and makes a few candles: Diablo 4 has received a new quarterly update to progress development. Thanks to various videos, we can throw a new look at some areas in the Open World of Action RPG and some dungeons.

The good news for fans: apparently Blizzard keeps his promise to make Diablo 4 really gloomy. So really extremely gloomy. And also the number of dungeons promises big.

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In Diablo 4, a heap of dungeons awaits us

Blizzard wants to report to the launch of Diablo 4 as much and regularly about the progress in the game and does the so-called Quarterly Updates. This time, it is all about the environments, about how the locations look and what style we expect.

In addition, however, another information is extremely exciting. Because in Diablo 4 it should give over 150 dungeons . While they are generated by procedural, many handmade locations should expect us on the surface.

Diablo 4 shows Open World Locations and Dungeons in Videos

The world Sanctuary shares in a variety of areas. For the first time, a Diablo has a real Open World and that of course it has to offer a lot. Shown were several regions.

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Scosglen coast

Wind, weather, grasses, waves: a real coastal landscape. There are dynamic props such as ships moving in the waves and networks that blow in the wind.


In this area it goes dry. In addition to the sandy deserts and steppes, there is also a saltwear with geothermal pools and much more.

Kyovashad at night

The medieval village of Kyovashad looks anything but nice and peaceful at night. Here only part of the settlement can be seen, which contains the slums.

Dungeon-style no. 1: Forgotten places

ATTENTION If you do not feel like spider legs ** and Tentacle, you should avoid this video:

The video shows impressive what the Diablo 4-doers mean, if they say they want to “return to darkness” with the fourth part. There is hardly much darker.

Dungeon-Style No. 2: Wretched Caves

Also in the cave dungeons of Diablo 4 it is really fies and gloomy too.

Dungeon Style No. 3: Flooded Depths

Last, but not least: Another dark cave dungeon, but this time flooded, so with so much water and unpleasant moisture.

You see: Who found Diablo 3 too nice and bright, is likely to be fully charged with Diablo 4. It remains only to hope that in all the darkness and Düsternis does not change the variety on the route – especially with over 150 dungeons. A little bit of monastery these dark caves can act quite well. But here you are not to be seen in your final form and also quite empty.

How do you like the places and dungeons? What do you want for Diablo 4?